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We understand that life is crazy! For real… it can be chaotic, which is why we created Sweet Chaos, a “Delightfully Disruptive” snack! What is Delightfully Disruptive? Well, as the world is spinning all around and you run around with your 18-mile-long to-do list, we are the breath of fresh air you need. Sweet Chaos is like finding a $20 bill on the ground… it stops you in your tracks and makes you do a happy dance! Open a bag of our popcorn to get lost in the sweet and salty flavor and escape the chaos of the day. We make delicious snacks for you. We are the sweet in the chaos.

Better made, better taste

We made it better for YOU! This is the delightful part. We chose better-for-you ingredients without having to give up better taste! With Sweet Chaos, you get both. A win-win! We use NON-GMO popcorn popped in coconut oil to add a creamy richness to each kernel. Yum! We also left out preservatives and made it Gluten Free. Then, we added deliciousness to every piece, which will have you refilling your popcorn bowls over and over…and over!

two people's hands reaching in to get popcorn from a big bowl

Sweet & Salty

Sweet Chaos is the perfect mix of salty and sweet! On our sweet side, we have our Drizzled Popcorns. Sweet Drizzles cover these popcorns with chocolate, Cake Batter, and peanut butter goodness. On the flip side, our Everyday Popcorns bring the savory, buttery, and cheesy popcorn right to your movie bowl. Popcorn fans, you can rejoice that there is a Sweet Chaos flavor for everyone and every occasion. We have your Pumpkin Spice for a fall day and even some Peppermint Crunch for the holidays!
bags of Sweet Chaos popcorn: Jalapeno Blue Cheese, Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter, Pumpkin Spice, and Peppermint Crunch

A Sweet Company

Here at Sweet Chaos, we started up our kettles in 2016. From then on, we have been dedicated to making the best popcorn for you to enjoy. We are part of a 3rd generation family-owned company, where our leadership asks, “Why are we here if we aren’t trying to make a difference?” We want to bring a change and not just to the world of snacking. Not only are our snacks to be sweet-tasting and sweet (as in awesome), but we believe that it is important to be sweet to others.
photo collage of employees making Sweet Chaos popcorn
Let us help you bring some sweet to your chaos!
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woman sitting on patio stairs enjoying a bag of Sweet Chaos Jalapeno Blue Cheese Popcorn
woman enjoying a bag of Sweet chaos Cold Stone Cake Batter Drizzled Popcorn
couple sitting on patio enjoying a bag of Sweet Chaos Kettle Corn Popcorn