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Oh such happiness as you reach for another piece of popcorn sweetness! 😁🍿
A delicious view… Jalapeño Blue Cheese Popcorn! 🍿🟢

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I need this in my life!!

Sounds very interesting

Looks delicious 😋

Looks good

In the Snowy background? Yay!!

Finger residue. I don’t like licking my fingers anymore with the virus around


Nope not for me




Look. Good

Andie Nyhus WHOA

Roy Crigler

This honestly looks like a Flavor of Sweet Chads that sounds good.

Please tell me that you don't use natural flavor.

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The joys of eating popcorn, Sweet Chaos Popcorn! This is Popcorn at the next level of sweetness! 🍿

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Why is he eating POPCORN with Winter gloves on!!! LMAO!

Why would someone sit outside in the cold on their steps wearing gloves eating popcorn?


Didn’t try that yet


Jizzled Popcorn

Buy shib coin asap

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Sprinkle some Cake Batter Popcorn into your snow day! 🎂🍿

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Where can I buy bigger than 1.5 oz bags of this!

Can’t stand anything birthday cake flavored. I don’t think I’ve ever even had an actual birthday cake flavored birthday cake. Red velvet with cream cheese/butter cream frosting. Only way to go.

I finally found some. Bought several bags of each flavor.

Amazing but the bags are small

Looks good


Snow day? What’s that? Looks like late March here. 🥺


Person's hand looks disgusting, this picture just reminds me of sledding I have no idea where your advertising. Nor do I give a shit. Don't forget to spray some WD-40 on that sled.

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🍿 We made a popcorn that tastes like a Peanut Butter Cup… we hope you enjoy this sweet! 🍿

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We need more options of places to buy this. Im only eating a couple pieces at a time cuz i cant find it anywhere

Except you can't buy it anywhere unless you want to be gouged by Amazon 😕


Is your popcorn avalible at wal-mart

Where can I buy it at?

Can’t wait to try!

I can’t find this popcorn anywhere. I came across this at the store I work for and was only sent 1 case. Instantly addicted.

Looks good

Yummy 😋

Where can we get it?


Spell coin

Gross. Facebook please stop showing me these ridiculous ads

I tried it. I didn't like it

So good !

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Just open up a bag of Sweet Chaos… your perfect mixture of White Cheddar and popcorn awaits! 🧀🍿

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Yup 😊😊😊 good morning 🌞 enjoy your day

Yes Good morning

Yummy 😋






This is the worst popcorn I have ever bought!! Too many unpopped kernels. You could break your teeth. Also March expiration date and it is stale!!

Looks good

Love it

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If your resolution is to enjoy more popcorn, then we have many delicious flavors for you to try! 🍿✨

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I don’t normally eat any due to dental issues, but I can actually eat yours and luv it!

Love it but struggling to find it

That looks delicious

I. Like. Cheese. And. Carmel. Popcorn

Looks good



Wow 👌



That looks very decilous.


Get off my page

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It is 2022! You need some celebratory Cake Batter popcorn to ring in this New Year! ✨🍿

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The Peppermint is LIKE CRACK!!!

I found it at a family dollar

Want more gingerbread flavor please.

I can never find it. In stores or online

We are in LOVE

Try the Dollar Tree or Dollar store

happy new year

Yeah right popcorn is gana make this year better

Smoking that blunt!!!! Go F a 🦆 you Wankers!



Yeah! Why don't you give away some?!

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Plan ahead for 2022… it can start off SWEET! Grab a few bags of Sweet Chaos Popcorn! ✨🍿✨

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Very yummy


Looks good

That looks very decilous.

Yummy 😋

Love popcorn.

I tried it on my vlog near the end:

Make calls as much as you want there’s nothing you can do lol

Rather eat plain than that awful mess.

Popcorn 🍿

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Let’s keep the giving going with a giveaway! 🎁

3 people have the chance to win an assortment of Sweet Chaos Popcorn! To enter: comment below with the flavor of our popcorn that you would want to win! The 3 winners will be chosen on Wednesday, December 29th! This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by Facebook. Giveaways are sweet! 🎁

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I haven't tried the peppermint crunch yet, my husband and I are big mint fans! Love your gingerbread flavor! ❤️

I love love love the peppermint crunch I couldn't find any in my local grocery stores this holiday season.

I would like the Honey Chipotle Sweet Chaos popcorn

I've never tried your popcorn before, so I would love to try any of them!!!

Black and white is my favorite. I would enjoy receiving any of the flavors. Thank you. Happy New Year!!

Honey Chipotle to bring in a little sweet and a little spicy for the New Year 🥳🥂

Honey chipotle looks so good I'd love to try it! 😋

I've never tried your popcorn!! I would love the opportunity to try it!! Thank you!!

Do not know all the flavors you have, but peppermint sounds awesome.

I would like to win the Peppermint Crunch. It sounds so delicious!

I would love to get the Peppermint Crunch because I know my kiddo would love it!

I’d love ❤️ to win the peppermint crunch ❤️ sounds amazing!!

Wow interesting flavors. I'd like to try the Peppermint Crunch 1st. Thank you ✌️🍿

Black and white sounds super tasty. I always get the white cheddar it is so good.🍿🍿🍿

Classic black & white! Love that sweet chocolate with the salted popcorn. Yum!

Cake batter or peppermint crunch sound amazing delicious 😋

Been really enjoying the Peppermint Crunch this holiday season.

Black & white sounds yummy. I’ve never had this brand and they all sound good!

I would love the peanut butter cup. Or the black and white sugar cookie for the winter. They all sound yummy!! Thank you for the chance!❤️❤️

I would love the Movie Theater Butter flavor. They all look delicious!

I loved the peppermint but would like to try the others too. Great job creating such a yummy CLEAN treat!!

We love popcorn love to try this new customer 😍😍🥰

I would love to try peppermint crunch

I cant decide between peppermint crunch and Honey chipotle I think its the holidays pulling me to peppermint lol

I love all types of popcorn. Black and white or something else unique would be amazing

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A sweet sight under the tree! 🍿🎄

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Love that popcorn

Most delicious popcorn I have ever eaten.

This stuff is AWESOME!!! ☺💖

This is amazing! Can we order online?

Love this it's sooo Good.

Looks good!

Looks delicious

Looks good

Merry Christmas!


😋😋😋😋I love this 🍿🍿🍿

For Sure !




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The holidays are sweet but can be chaotic! We have the perfect treat for you, our Peppermint Crunch Sweet Chaos Popcorn! 🍿🎅

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I’m obsessed with this popcorn 🍿♥️♥️♥️ I kept all the stocking stuffer bags😳

Nope...gingerbread popcorn instead!


Love this but can’t find enough

Love the popcorn but can't seem to order on line. What's going on?

Never got my give-a-way goodies

We don't want it



Want to try it out

yummy <3

Sweet-Chaos how do I order🤔

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Hang the stockings, watch holiday movies, and fill Santa’s plate with Peppermint Crunch this year! 🍿🎅

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Where they sell it at?


So. Nice

Awesome 👍


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With one more week to get gifts ready, give yourself the gift of delicious holiday popcorn… Black and White Sugar Cookie! 🍪🍿

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I just got this as a sample from GLOW and it was so delicious!!!

My favorite one! Can't find it anywhere !!!!!!!!!!!




Looks good

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Channel all of the holiday flavors as you bake treats this year! Make sure to have Peppermint Crunch near… or included! 🍿

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Yum. Yum. Popcorn. Good.

Mm mm good


Mommy good

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